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Training & Placement Cell


Training and Placement Cell (T&P) acts as interface between institute and companies and maintains symbiotic, vibrant and purposeful relationship with industries across the country as a part of the efforts to develop and strengthen the relationship with the corporate world, DSTC has delineated long-term strategy to place Under Graduate students in prestigious organizations. The Training and Placement Cell also attempts to keep the students informed about potential job opportunities and guide them from time to time. As a part of Industrial Institute Interaction, students are exposed to the actual work environment of various Industries. Hands-on training is offered to the students both on the conventional as well as in advanced techniques.

There are times when anxiety grips the student’s heart and they need advisory help. The department works extensively in developing the student’s attitude as well as aptitude and analytical skills, human resources techniques and preparing for written test in the form of mock tests. Each and every student is assessed carefully, there by pointing out his weak areas and providing solutions to correct them so as to enhance their performance. It is always encouraging for students to know that they are being cared for and their future is being shaped by the right hands.

The Training & Placement Cell firmly believes in 'Industry-Institute Interaction'. In order to accomplish 'Industry-Institute Interaction', it organizes technical talks and national seminars to provide a platform for the potential engineers to interact with professionals from various industries. The college has signed MOUs with many industrial organizations and industrial chambers.

Prof. Yashit Tita


Prof. Yashit Tita
Head - Training & Placement
Total Experience: 14 Years (Industry + Academic)
Academic Qualification: M.Tech.(Power System)
Mobile: 9879532733
Email: tpo@drsubhashtech.edu.in


  • To liaison between Industry and the College.
  • To arrange job opportunities for all the eligible and interested students.
  • To invite the best companies of different industries for Campus recruitments.
  • To facilitate real time preparation for company selection process.
  • To guide students regarding preparation for Group Discussion, Interview etc.
  • Organizing expert lectures on various industrial topics
  • Organizing soft skill sessions to improve the soft skills of students
  • Organizing seminars and workshops to improve the professional skill of students
  • Organizing aptitude tests to improve their competence
  • Conducing campus placement drives
  • To act as link between students, recruiters and entrepreneurs
  • To nurture employability skills in the students
  • To provide students information about the recruitments and recruiters
  • To send data of eligible students to recruiters and invite them for recruitment
  • Effective resume preparation
  • To prepare them for various competitive exams
  • To motivate students for entrepreneurship


At DSTC, strong emphasis is laid on academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to ensure an all-round development of the student while providing multiple platforms for students to improve their soft skills, which are imperative for one to excel in his/ her work space. The overall development of the student improves with participation in various programs organized at College and Department level. The students are motivated to take part in these activities for their overall development which in turn helps in their placement.

The institute has tie up with external agencies for imparting training to students, to enhance their employability skills. The course is integrated into 4 year and 2 year:

  • Goal Setting
  • Language Skills
  • Communication Skills.
  • Language Lab
  • Aptitude & Analytical Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Personality building and value oriented education.
  • Team Working
  • Grooming & Etiquettes
  • Presentation & Interpersonal skills.
  • Group Learning
  • Group Discussion
  • Guests lectures on career planning and development.
  • Time Management
  • Career Counseling
  • Industrial/ Educational visits
  • Development projects
  • Seminar/workshops
  • Business Communication
  • Resume and application writing.
  • Mock interviews
  • Yoga & Meditation


Sr.No. Name Of Faculty Department Contact No. Email ID


Prof. Nevil Trambadiya

Degree - Civil

9712060777 nevilt@drsubhashtech.edu.in


Prof. Bharat Sarkhedi

Degree - CSE

9978584838 bharats@drsubhashtech.edu.in


Prof. Ismail.K.Pota

Degree - Elect

9426769629 ismailp@drsubhashtech.edu.in


Prof. Jaydip Raviya

Degree - EC

9426172765 jaydipr@drsubhashtech.edu.in


Prof. Renish Ratanpara

Degree - IT

- renishp@drsubhashtech.edu.in


Prof. Mitesh Patel

Degree - Mech

9426183712 miteshp@drsubhashtech.edu.in


Prof. Amit C. Kalola

Diploma –Civil

9824820739 amitk@drsubhashtech.edu.in


Prof. Jay D. Fuletra

Diploma - CE

9033982808 jayf@drsubhashtech.edu.in


Prof. Dhaval V. Timaniya

Diploma - Mech

9067173736 dhavalt@drsubhashtech.edu.in


Prof. Vivek Sangani

Diploma - Elect

9426132776 vivek@drsubhashtech.edu.in


Prof. Sawan Laladiya


9427726739 sawanl@drsubhashtech.edu.in


Prof. Dinesh Dangar


9586446445 dineshd@drsubhashtech.edu.in


Prof. Pratik Chaniyara

Diploma - Mech

9429763665 pratikc@drsubhashtech.edu.in

Message By T&P Officer

Gone Are The Days When A Bachelor Or Masters Degree Would Act As A Passport To A Dream Job For A Young Man Or Woman. Countries With Higher And Better Levels Of Skills Adjust More Effectively To The Challenges And Opportunities Of Globalization. Furthermore, the industry has neither the time nor inclination to train a fresher in skills required. Owing to tough competition, industry is ready to recruit only skilled candidates who can contribute immediately to the well being of the company. Hence The Emphasis Is On How Best To Integrate Industry Relevant Skill Set And Regular College Curriculum And Expose Students To Real Workplace Culture. The Need Of The Hour Is A Sustainable Platform To Hone The Skills Of Students And Provide The Support To Each Individual Needs To Grow. India is expected to be home to a skilled workforce of 500 million by 2022. Keeping These Things In Mind & To Contribute For The Development.

The DSTC Students Are Trained Into 5 Most Important Aspects:

  • Technical Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Aptitude & Attitude
  • Etiquette & Protocol
  • Soft Skills

I feel our students have the necessary skills & ability to quickly become a successful & valued member of any organization.